Monday, January 7, 2013

March 30th

We're playing Long Island with the mighty IRON LUNG! This show is in the town that I grew up in so you can come listen to me bitch about how much Glen Cove stinks.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eat shit Mayans

So we survived 2012. 2013 is gonna be a busy one. We're gonna be taking a (very small) break from playing shows so we can finish up the stuff we've been recording for the last couple months and then record some new songs so we can finally have some new music for everyone. We'll be announcing more shows eventually, but for now this is all we have confirmed.

Keep checking back as I plan on updating this blog way more. Mainly so we can remember when the hell we're playing shows.

Friday, November 9, 2012


So we haven't played in a little while. We also haven't practiced much lately due to that crazy girl Sandy who hit the east coast last week and screwed up gas/trains for everyone. The shows we dropped off ended up getting canceled anyway, so maybe those will be made up in the near future.

This is our next show:
Ink and Sweat are on tour from Tampa, FL and they rule hard. Warm Needles are from Long Island and like Ink and Sweat they rule. We're looking forward to playing this a great deal, especially since it's not a grindcore show. Respect to diverse line ups, it's not something you see very often anymore.

We have some other AWESOME show announcements to make, but we have to wait until everything is confirmed. Trust me, you're gonna be stoked.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cancellations and Other News

Unfortunately we have to cancel the Halloween show October 30th. Due to work schedules and life in general we haven't had the time to get together and practice all the Spazz/Lack of Interest songs enough as a band and we don't want to go out and half ass it. We're still learning the songs anyway and maybe we'll play them some time in the future.

In other news we'll (sort of) be playing Long Island December 14th. Chris, Zack & I will be playing a 3-piece noisegrind set under the name I Say Fuck. Our buds in The Communion are also playing. Magrudergrind are playing the following night so come out for two days of grinding awesomeness.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Show with Magrudergrind

The show with Magrudergrind got moved to December 15th. Unfortunately we can no longer play this show. The lineup is still the same and there is apparently a "Special Guest" that will be playing as well. You should still go and check it out.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shows and Shit

Here's a list of our upcoming shows:

10/9 at The Acheron with Cynarae

10/28 in New Jersey with Budd Dwyer & More

10/30 at The Acheron Halloween Cover show (we're covering the Spazz/Lack of Interest Split) w/ Life of Agony, Snapcase and More

12/11 at Don Pedro's with TBA

1/5/13 at Zebra Club on Long Island with Magrudergrind, Guru, Mother Brain, Warfear and Amputee

The Unholy Huang tape is sold out, but you can still stream/download it here. Recording is moving along. We'll hopefully be done some time this month. We'll also be announcing some more shows & some other exciting news in the coming days/weeks/once everything get confirmed. Keep checking back.
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